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Meghan’s Music Studio is now offering in-person and online lessons. Online lessons are available via Skype or Zoom – learn music from the comfort of your own home!

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Bachelor of Music | 2014

MA in Musicology | 2018


Private Lessons & Classes Online | Guitar, Drums, Ukulele Fundamental Skills | All Levels | Ages 5+

I’m a little different than other music teachers because I tailor each student’s goals and learning style with personalized lesson plans, that way we can better focus on what you want to learn. I also teach the fundamentals and theory of music so that you can have fun creating music too!

You might be just starting out on a new instrument, or maybe your current practice lacks the structure you need. I’ve been teaching music for the past 10 years and have taught many different students, with many different musical goals! My goal as a teacher has always been to inspire a lifelong love of music in my students.

My music studio has moved online! With moving lessons online, I’m happy to work with students all over the world. Lessons can be taken through Skype or Zoom in the comfort of your own home!

In-person lessons are now regularly available at my Toronto music studio.

Drum Lessons

For drum lessons, I generally structure each lesson with a (1) warm up, (2) groove exercise, (3) fill exercise, and a (4) song.

Topics that can be covered (but not exclusive to): practical hand and foot technique, grooves, fills, styles (pop, rock, jazz, latin and funk), improvisation (how to create grooves, fills, and solos), musicality (developing your own drumming style), music theory and rhythm studies.

Guitar and ukulele Lessons

For guitar and ukulele lessons, I generally structure each lesson with a (1) warm up, (2) chord/strumming exercise, (3) picking/melodic exercise, and (4) song.

Topics that can be covered (but are not exclusive to): chords (open, power, barre, etc. ), picking and strumming techniques (strumming patterns, hammer-ons, pull offs, slides, etc.), riffs and licks (scales, creative concepts) and theory (how to make chord progressions, riffs, etc.)

Music Lessons for kids

For my younger students, I always try to make music lessons fun and engaging:

• I teach core concepts with a more fun and straightforward approach (like using fruit names to count rhythms)

• I can simplify chords and rhythms to help kids start playing their favourite songs faster

• I add pictures to music notation to make sheet music more intuitive for kids to read

My lesson plans for kids centres around music games and activities, sing-a-longs, and songs that kids are more likely to know (theme songs, folk songs, film music, and pop songs!)


Online lessons: $40 (1 hour lesson)

In-person lessons: $50 (1 hour lesson)


I have these times currently available for online lessons (times are in EST). Biweekly lessons are available, but are limited to daytime slots (before 4pm) because my evening slots are very limited at this time.

Mondays: 11am, Noon, 3pm, 4pm
Tuesdays: 10am, 11am, Noon
Wednesdays: 10am, 1pm, 2pm
Thursdays: 10am, 11am, Noon
Fridays: Noon, 1pm, 2pm
Saturday: Full
Sunday: Unavailable

If none of these times work for you, feel free to write me and I’ll see what I can do! Most of my evenings are completely booked, but I can always put you on a waitlist for if a time slot opens up.

If you’re interested in booking a lesson, please e-mail me directly or fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

Upcoming Shows

meghan is a session drummer & Percussionist, available for live gigs, recording & Touring!

Upcoming Gigs:

June 9 – Power Walk and Monstrosa – El Mocambo (Toronto, ON)

June 16-17 – Wild Black – TBA (Saskatoon, SK)

July 20 – Wild Black – Piston (Toronto, ON)

August 11-13 – Wild Black – Regina Folk Festival (Regina, SK)

August 20 – Monstrosa – Turbo Haus (Montreal, QC)

Past Gigs:

May 5/2023 – Monstrosa – Clintons (Toronto. ON)

April 28/2023 – Power Walk – Cameron House (Toronto, ON)

April 16/2023 – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Brockville Arts Centre

April 15/2023 – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Brockville Arts Centre

April 14/2023 – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Brockville Arts Centre

January 7/2023 – Päter – Handlebar (Toronto, ON)

January 5/2023 – Joyshape – Dakota Tavern (Toronto, ON)

December 16/2022 – Monstrosa – Lee’s Palace (Toronto, ON)

November 26/2022- Monstrosa – The Kill Room (Toronto, ON)

November 25/2022 – Monstrosa – Parkdale Library (Toronto, ON)

October 19/2022 – Päter – Baby G (Toronto, ON)

September 11/2022 – Commercial Actor as a Drummer (Toronto, ON)

September 10/2022 – Monstrosa – The Garrison (Toronto, ON)

August 18/2022 – Päter – The Dakota Tavern (Toronto, ON)

July 23/2022 – Monstrosa – The Bovine (Toronto, ON)

June 25/2022 – Monstrosa – Pride Toronto (Toronto, ON)

June 11/2022 – Monstrosa – Sneaky Dees (Toronto, ON)

May 6/2022 – NOBRO – Pacific Coliseum (Vancouver, BC)

May 3/2022 – NOBRO – Edmonton Convention Centre (Edmonton, AB)

April 30/2022 – NOBRO – Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)

May 2/2022 – NOBRO – Grey Eagle Resort and Casino (Calgary, AB)

April 29/2022 – NOBRO – Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)

April 27/2022 – Monstrosa – Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, ON)


Have been taking electric guitar lessons from Meghan for a year – and I am really happy about the progress I’m making! I grew from a newbie with some basic skills into a confident player with deeper understanding of music theory, much better speed and accuracy, and improved sense of rhythm and timing.

Meghan’s lessons are very well structured – you get both theory and practice in bite-sized portions, so each time you make a small step, learn something new, and stay inspired with your progress! She is very patient and makes sure you absorb the material, explains things in detail, works with you on your playing technique, and helps you develop that musical feeling so you can start exploring things on your own.

For every topic Meghan prepares a pdf handout for you to refer to later. This is very helpful, especially as the lessons are tailored to your learning pace and built upon your favorite songs!

We did ear training, studied music scales and built chord progressions, looked into the music notation, created guitar solos and recorded my playing, tried fingerpicking on acoustic guitar, played a bunch of my favorite stuff (mainly blues and metal), and improvised to develop random melodic ideas. At some point I could compose small music pieces on my own – that was absolutely amazing!!!

Many thanks to Meghan, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to master the guitar!

~ Vlad

~ Liam

Meghan’s lessons are very accessible. She is a very kind and patient teacher, who is always super prepared and makes lesson tabs and sheets beforehand. You get to cover the genres and music you want to play. Meghan holds you accountable and you feel like you are making progress every week.

She also runs the Queer Music Jam which allows you to practice your skills and meet other cool musicians in the city.

~ Robbie

As an intermediate player Meghan has done an amazing job of filling in gaps I had with my guitar playing. She tailored her lessons for my individual needs and was very flexible whenever I asked to learn specific things. For example, I wanted to improve my improvisational skills and she thought me a system where I’ve now become much better in that area. I can say I’ve gone up a level in terms of my guitar ability thanks to her lessons. Meghan is also very patient, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour. I cannot recommend Meghan enough!

~ Horatio


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