Drum Method Books

Book 2:

Musical Drummer

Musical Drummer is a drum method book for the beginner or intermediate level drummer. Included in this 132 page book are warm ups, groove based exercises, and fill based exercises. The groove exercises go in-depth on phrasing, limb independence, subdivisions, dynamics, and classic grooves. Fills are also extensively explored with rhythms & subdivisions, phrasing, rudiment applications, improvisation, and classic drum fills. Become a musical drummer through this innovative drum method book.

Book 1:

Musical Drummers ROCK OUT

Musical Drummers Rock Out is a drum method book for kids! Included inside this 92 page method book is a collection of warm ups, groove exercises, drum fills, and song transcriptions of pop and rock songs. Pictures throughout this book make it easy to learn how to read drum notation and rhythms. Get ready to rock out!